> Peppa Pig’s Children’s Day

The year 2019 is the year of Pig in Asian culture. The zodiac pig represents good fortune, wealth, and prosperity. For 2019’s Children’s Day which is on June 1st, there will be a factory manufacturing pig toys and distributing them to both children and adults around the world to bring joy and good luck.

The character of the pig was inspired by Peppa Pig as its image became popular memes that instantly took over Chinese live-streaming platforms in 2018.

3D Motion Graphics

Special Thanks > Ko Maruyama

> Meito

In the near future, the artificial intelligence which is created by human to reduce human workload will develop their intelligence rather than only obeying the orders from their creator–the human. It is not hard to imagine that human jobs will be gradually replaced by those AI even though most of them do not have a humanoid form but have a “brain” that works millions of times faster and more precise than an average human. There is one kind of AI which has been created physically resembling human–the sex androids –because of their special functionality. A number of human begin to abandon a stable relationship with another person and choose sex androids as their temporary sex partners.

By the year 2030, sex android companies have become an emerging force in the AI industry, especially in Japan which always has a large adult industry. A sex android company called “Meito” (which means “mate” in English) that keeps a dominant market share in Japan recently released a series of ads campaign for its latest product line–the public booth.

Its form and some features are inspired by both telephone booth and bicycle sharing system. The “Meito” booth integrates with technologies of virtual identity and wearables such as smart glasses. Its hourly plans start from $39.99 per hour, and unlimited plans start from $199.99 per month. Upgraded plans are provided as well.

Concept + Poster Campaign

Special Thanks > Laura Cooper + Adam Ross

> USMC Ribbon System

The United States Armed Forces awards and decorations are primarily the medals, service ribbons, and specific badges which recognize military service and personal accomplishments while a member of the United States Armed Forces. Such awards are a means to display the highlights of a service member’s career outwardly.

This deck of cards collects all the service ribbons that are currently available to be awarded to members in the U.S. Marine Corps. It sequences by the order of precedence which is presently used in the United States Armed Forces. Precedence of particular awards may vary slightly among the different branches of service.

Information Design

Special Thanks > River Jukes-Hudson

> Xynthia

Just like any natural intelligence, this mirror analogy intends to explore humanoid artificial intelligence’s efforts for self-awareness and placing in the real world. Other than access-consciousness which allows them to access and retrieve information at a subjective level, the humanoid intelligence may be able to develop phenomenal-conscious through their sensory inputs.

Concept + Drawings

Special Thanks > Laura Cooper + Adam Ross