“Overseas, language barriers keep me from doing a lot of talking and handling things effectively. I am no longer an experienced adult but a dependent one to my child.”

Introducing Vojo, a one-place solution for new Chinese immigrants to overcome their language barrier and acclimate to their American life.

User Experience + User Interface + Business Strategy

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> Target Market


Documented new immigrants from China.

Including U.S. citizens, green card and conditional green card holders. For those who have lived in the United States from 0 to 5 years.


The male to female ratio of Vojo users is close to 3:7.

For new Chinese immigrants from the age of 40 to 65, they usually immigrate to the United States for their children to have better educational opportunities, sometimes only one side of the parents stay here for the children, and most likely to be the mothers.


40 to 65 years old.

They may have difficulties in mastering a secondary language and adapting to the new living environment but still remaining the ability to learn a new phone app.


English as secondary language, language barrier.

They don’t have fluent or even communicational English skills, which causes most troubles in their American life. They have the willingness or needs to be independent instead of heavily relying on their children to help them understand English.

> How Vojo Works

Tailored Resources

We tailor the best educational, medical resources, community news, and events to help our users enrich their daily life.

Reserve Appointments and Classes

Make an appointment with a healthcare provider or register for a class with Vojo’s in-network facilities.

Perfect Translation Tool

Translate any documents into Chinese by taking a photo or a screenshot. For extra help, Vojo provides professional translators anytime.

Switch Language in One Click

Vojo offers two language settings–English and Chinese. Users can switch language settings in just one click.

On Boarding

For first time users, the onboarding process is as easy as pie. The instructional pages give users a clear view of how Vojo works without reading blocks of texts. “Switching language within one click” is upfront to solving the language barrier if there is.

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