While the digitization of education becomes an inevitable trend, how do public libraries attract their patrons in the future?

Knowledge Exchange aims to maximize the use of the space and expand existing curations in the Glendale Public Library by offering a free but safe platform for residents to acquire or give out their knowledge and skills.

User Experience + User Interface

Special Thanks > Brian Boyl

> What

Knowledge Exchange is an innovative offering from the Glendale Public Library which provides its users a free but safe, efficient, platform to acquire the knowledge they need from both existing library curations and the local human resources. It encourages its users to engage in their local community and will be the key motivation that attracts its target users to frequent the library physically.

> Who

People who have specific needs in terms of work, study and research.

People who enjoy exploring new things and wish to become lifelong learners.

People who prefer face-to-face talk and hands-on training.

People who require free but safe, reliable resources.

> Why

A public library is considered as safe and trustworthy, which becomes an ideal place for users to meet and to exchange knowledge or skills.

The system adapts to different dimensions and screen size, enhance both comfortability and portability.

The system provides free, immersive in-library searching experience.

> Ecosystem

> Primary User Flow

> Logo

> Typeface + Color

> Iconography

> Navbar + Type Style + Button Style

> Grid

> Micro Interaction