Founded in 2000 by Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin is one of the most important aerospace manufacturers around the globe. 18-year-old Bezos had an idea to preserve our earth–to evacuate millions of humans out to space. The rebranding of Blue Origin is a visual interpretation of this idea.

Brand Strategy + Identity System + User Interface

Special Thanks > Gerardo Herrera

> Brand Drivers

Clothing > spaceflight jacket
innovative, functional, trendy

Animal > dolphin
intelligent, reliable, friendly

Chair > first-class seat
high-class, delightful, comfortable

Transportation > electric luxury car
more accessible, streamlined, green

Color & texture > planetary surface
meaningful, spectacular, sophisticated

Type > expressive style
creative, arousing, intriguing

Activity > traveling
refreshing, enjoyable, much safer

Drink > water wave
dynamic, inspirational, active

Architecture > future city
futuristic, inviting, engaging

> Brand Personalities

> Logo Anatomy

The new mark of Blue Origin is composed of its logotype in all caps with a modification of the character “O.” The “O” here can be seen as a depiction of the earth, and its broken outline elaborates what the brand believes–exploring the outer space and moving out of the earth will be a trend in the near future.

The five segments of the outline separately represent the five most essential components of Blue Origin–philosophy, technology, missions, people, and future. The ever-increasing length of each segment reflects its progressive personality.

> Lockup + Clear Space

> Logo Divisions

> Typographic Treatment

> Iconography + Color

Our icons allow themselves to scale for greater flexibility in digital formats. The overall shape and graphic components of these icons resemble the form and line work of the Blue Origin logotype. Their stroke weight is half the thickness of the logotype in order to differentiate from one another.

> Photographic Style + Image Treatment

> Web + Mobile Responsive

The website and its responsive mobile version support the same visual aesthetic that has been established in the Blue Origin identity system. The dark background makes image and graphics stand out. The website builds a proper hierarchy and helps navigate its users to different subpages they are interested in. The most recent news of Blue Origin will be constantly updated on its home page. Thus, the uses can achieve a better understanding of what Blue Origin is, what Blue Origin provides and why people should care about it.

> App

The mobile app Blue Live is designed for users who are watching missile launching via webcast or in person. When the phone’s camera targets the launching missile, the app automatically displays relevant data of the launching such as altitude, speed, stage, etc. Users may use the watch app for counting down at the same time for a better viewing experience.

> Stationery

> Promotional Campaign

> Products

> Signage

> Uniform

> Brand Guideline

> Brand Posters